AmeriCorps VISTA Marine Ecosystem Outreach Coordinator 

The Sitka Tribe of Alaska (STA) is seeking a VISTA Marine Ecosystem Outreach Coordinator to help ensure that communities can maintain an economically productive ecosystem through minimizing exposure to biotoxins from harmful algal blooms, anticipating the effects of ocean acidification, and reducing exposure to harmful marine contaminants. The VISTA project will help design, develop and evaluate educational curricula that empowers Sitka residents and Southeast Alaska Tribal Ocean Research (SEATOR) partner communities and organizations to access biotoxin results and environmental data and will help build a research database of pertinent questions concerning trends over time. Project outputs include outreach and education curricula to be used in classrooms and in community meetings and networks and databases of shellfish ecosystem experts and resources, from local to international, as well as other organizations in Southeast Alaska which promote sustainable use of natural resources. For more details about position please visit AmeriCorps Job Database

Service Term is from August 25, 2018 to August 24, 2019. 

Benefits include: living stipend, relocation allowance, end of service stipend or education award, childcare assistance if applicable, Noncompetive Eligibility (NCE) for one year. 

Accepting applications now! Apply online through the My AmeriCorps Database.

If you have any questions contact Jennifer Duever at or (703) 838-0400 ext. 122, or Esther Kennedy at or (907) 747-7197.