Shellfish Data

Weekly phytoplankton data is collected at each SEATOR site and uploaded to the SoundToxins database. Once the Tribes begin sampling shellfish for toxins …


Shellfish Testing

Learn more about PSP, shellfish identification, regulatory standards, and how other Monitoring groups are using weekly phytoplankton data to enhance state regulatory authority.

Toxin Information

Ocean Acidification

With the changes in ocean chemistry due to climate change, Southeast Alaska has been deemed one of the “high risk” …

Ocean Acidification


Partners for projects include the Southeast Alaska tribal environmental programs, federal agencies, universities, and private industry. All partners share a common goal …



The Environmental Research Lab supports the ongoing monitoring efforts of the Southeast Alaska Tribal Ocean Research partnership by analyzing biotoxin samples …

STA Environmental Research Lab

Job Openings

Learn more about the opportunities available with SEATOR.


Shellfish Test Updates

Click here for latest biotoxin results

Shellfish Safety Video

How to Submit Shellfish for Testing

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