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Shellfish Advisories

Welcome to the new SEATOR shellfish advisory page! This page is updated as soon as we have new shellfish information. Our advisories are based on shellfish and phytoplankton observations at each listed location. We follow the FDA regulatory limits of 80 µg toxin/100 g shellfish tissue for paralytic shellfish toxins and 20 ppm for domoic acid. We do not recommend consuming shellfish with higher levels of toxins. A few notes of caution when using this tool: 1)This does not “certify” any of our monitored sites. Shellfish harvesting will always be at your own risk. 2) Data is site-specific and time sensitive. Please pay attention to locations and the date of the last sample. 3) Some shellfish species will remain toxic long after an algal bloom is over! Know your shellfish species and pay attention to species-specific advisories. 4) Conditions may change rapidly, especially in the summer. Check frequently and contact us with questions at seator@sitkatribe-nsn.gov. For expanded information, click on the arrows to the left of each region. 

This information is now available in map form! This map is still in its beta stage, so please send your feedback to seator@sitkatribe-nsn.gov

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